Need Online Visibility? Pay Per Click Ads for Home Improvement Businesses

When homeowners search for home improvement experts, the national brands and local business directories can easily drown out your business—especially if you're not actively building an online presence. By cultivating an online presence, you can show up higher on search results, start creating relationships with customers based on consistent engagement, and be readily available whenever and wherever your preferred audience needs you.  

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Why Online Visibility for Home Improvement Companies Should Be Your Priority 

According to research from Salsify, 46% of consumers will pay more for a brand they trust (up from 35% in 2021). To create that trust, your audiences need to know who you are. Just as importantly, they need to know your services, your expertise, and the unique features that make your business better than your competitors.  

Online visibility is the first step in this journey; if customers don't know who you are, they can't trust you. In fact, they're more likely to hire a competitor they found more easily. 

Some of the most commonly used strategies for online visibility include: 

  • Having a detailed website 
  • Creating profiles on business directories 
  • Consistently using social media 
  • Managing pay per click ad campaigns 

Before you get started on any other approach, it's important to have a website as your "base of operations." Here, you can provide an overview of your services and publish five-star customer reviews. You can also build a portfolio of past projects that further showcase your capabilities.  

Customers can reach your website to hire you through various channels. Regarding PPC ads, your website (especially specific landing pages or sign-up pages) would be where visitors go when they click on your ads. 

What Are Pay per click Ads? 

Pay per click ads are a type of online ad that can appear on general websites, in social media feeds, and at the top of search engine results pages. Today's ad management tools allow you to select under which circumstances an ad would appear on a user's screen, such as search history and continual interests. If someone local is searching for home improvement services, you want your business displayed in the first few spots on search engines. 

Not only do PPC ads filter through online users to find people whose behaviors indicate a need for your services, but you also only pay a fee if a user actually clicks on your ad: 

  • You don't pay if they see the ad appear on their screen but don't engage with it, you don't pay. 
  • If they see the ad and click on it, they visit your website, and you pay a fee. 

Different PPC ads cost different amounts based on the trigger's popularity, the ad's size or complexity, and the value of the "real estate" on the hosting website.  

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The Benefits of PPC Ads for Home Improvement Companies 

You may have already guessed one of the key benefits of PPC ads: you don't pay unless there's a click, making it much more likely that you're only paying for interested leads.  

Some additional benefits of PPC ads for home improvement companies include the following:  

  • Increased sales: More exposure to new audiences leads to additional sales throughout the campaign. 
  • You get more insights: Learn more about where your audience spends their time by analyzing the sources of clicked ads (ex., Google, different social media platforms, entertainment websites, etc.). Not only can you learn more about your buyers as a whole, but you can also see where shoppers interested in different types of services spend time. You also know which searches and keywords get the best results for your business. 
  • Increased traffic: Most homeowners searching for home improvement services do a lot of research spread out over time. Increasing the traffic to your site can help you cultivate brand awareness. Visitors see your brand, have a positive first impression of your company and have you in their search history. (You can also use 'site visits' as a factor for more complex retargeted PPC ad campaigns.) 

PPC Ad Tips for Home Improvement 

There are many ways to implement PPC ad campaigns, and finding the right approach can make all the difference.  

Use these tips as you get started: 

  • Create seasonal ads and focus on seasonal keywords: Different niches in the home improvement industry have different peak seasons. Zeroing in on your target market's pressing needs can lead to quick sales. 
  • Focus on the client-side benefits, not your capabilities: Imagine your ads from the prospective client's perspective. Consider the language they'd use in a search engine and what selling points they'd be attracted to in ads. This includes emotional appeals, lifestyle benefits, convenience, and security. 
  • Prepare early: Whether you have time-sensitive peak services or not, running PPC ad campaigns is much easier if you create your visuals, ad copy, and campaign objectives ahead of time. 

Mid-West Family Is Here to Help You Start Your PPC Ad Campaign 

PPC ads are very effective for generating sales, boosting traffic, and improving online visibility. Push those results even further with a media partner like Mid-West Family La Crosse, with years of experience working with small and local businesses. We're here to help your next campaign hit the ground running. 

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