Can Custom Marketing Solutions Increase Your ROI?

Improving marketing ROI is essential to growing your business. Taking steps to improve it — such as leveraging custom marketing solutions — leads to several benefits: a more creative and diverse approach, highly targeted ads, more personal and engaging messaging, boosts customer satisfaction, and ads that resonate with the right people.

Research shows that 80% of consumers prefer purchasing from brands that offer tailored experiences and 72% add that they will only engage with personalized content or messages. Success in these areas becomes possible with customer content marketing and multi-channel marketing services.

Here's what you need to know to determine if custom marketing solutions will help you increase your marketing ROI.

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What is Custom Marketing?  

According to All Business's Dictionary of Marketing Terms, customized marketing refers to "tailoring a particular product to the specific needs of an individual customer." They also say that "customized marketing is generally practiced by companies whose products are very expensive or unique... because these products can be designed to suit the special needs of each customer." 

The practice requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of your target audience so you can better meet or exceed their expectations. With more and more consumers wanting personalized experiences — 71% of people expect personalization from brands – it becomes more of a required marketing component rather than an added benefit.  

What are the Benefits of Custom Marketing Solutions?  

Did you know that companies that excel in providing personalized experience will outsell companies that don't by up to 20%? That's because of these significant benefits custom marketing solutions offer your business.  

Targeted Advertising 

Custom marketing prioritizes targeted advertising. It strives to make every touchpoint with consumers relevant and meaningful to the receiver. Considering more than 50% of Americans express their frustrations with irrelevant ads — a consistent disappointment across all generations — a custom and targeted marketing solution is a significant advantage in today's market. You can avoid putting ads in front of people who lack interest, increasing the chances that those who see your ads will respond well. 

A More Personal Connection with Your Target Audience 

With the ability to customize your marketing solutions for your consumers, you open the window to build and maintain personal connections. Whether through regular interactions and engagements on social media or responding to reviews, personalizing each experience gets your target audience emotionally invested in your brand and what it offers. You can also segment your audience by demographic and interest and send specific people ads that match their relevant interests.  

Content/Message is More Engaging  

Consumer engagement is vital to brand loyalty, experience, and customer satisfaction. You appeal to and resonate with your audience better when you leverage custom marketing solutions. In turn, they're more engaged with your messaging, which automatically improves their experience with your brand. Understanding your customers on that level helps you shape your tone and messaging, allowing you to utilize their vocabulary or sense of humor to appeal directly to them. 

How to Create an Effective Custom Marketing Strategy  

Steve Jobs once advised to "master the topic, the message, and the delivery." Here's how.  

Use Multiple Channels (Radio and Others)   

First, you need to utilize multiple channels in your custom marketing strategy. Broadcast radio and digital are powerful together.  

Not only can broadcast radio get your brand in front of as many as 92% of U.S. adults a week, but then you can follow up with digital to: 

Content is King (Develop a Content Marketing Strategy)  

Speaking of content, it is king in marketing right now. And you can leverage it in many ways, from sharing short snippets on social media and giving expert advice via email to crafting authoritative articles or blogs that direct potential customers to your service, boosting their trust in your offers.  

HubSpot has several stats that convey its importance: 

  • At least 56% of marketers who leverage content marketing say it's 'effective' 
  • Another 10% go as far as saying it generates the 'biggest' return on investment 
  • Most (70%) marketers are actively investing in content marketing 
  • More than 20% of marketers plan to increase their investment in content marketing 

Try New Things (Podcast Ads and Streaming)  

Times are changing, and so are the best ways to reach and resonate with your audience. Today's buyers interact with brands on more than 20 channels — you need to be on the ones that matter. Right now, that means leveraging podcast ads and streaming. Not only do 90% of podcast listeners find podcast ads effective, but more than 50% of viewers would prefer to watch ads in exchange for cheaper streaming services.  

Partner with a Media Partner: Mid-West Family La Crosse 

Now that you know customer marketing solutions can deliver an incredible ROI, what's next? Work with a media partner that can provide custom solutions proven to boost ROI. Mid-West Family La Crosse is skilled and experienced in leveraging the best custom solutions for reaching and resonating with consumers in today's environment. You need a partner with proven results, and we have them. 

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