How Does Mid-West Family Transform Your Business?

Marketing across multiple channels is simply better for business. Not only do companies see a 494% growth in orders when they market across at least three channels, but every channel brings its own benefits to the table.

However, if you're managing your own small business, you might not have the time to create complex campaigns across multiple traditional and digital channels. At Mid-West Family, we partner with small and local businesses to provide ongoing brand development and marketing support across multiple channels.

Learn more about how we can transform your business by increasing brand awareness among your target market and boosting engagement while you focus on business operations.

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Broadcasting Your Business Through Broadcast Radio Advertising

Broadcast radio is alive and well in marketing, and it's a valuable tool for local businesses. More than 92% of Americans older than 11 still listen to the radio every week, so you can cast a wide net to catch the attention of prospective customers.

Radio and TV advertising is also easy to manage if you have a brick-and-mortar business or only provide localized services: we can select the right channels and stations that align directly with your business's geographic radius. That means your radio ads will naturally prioritize the right audience. We have a robust network of local partners so we can find cost-effective—and effective—radio ad space for your campaign.

Top-Tier Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is a vital part of any marketing strategy. More and more customers use digital resources while shopping, whether that's doing initial research, looking up a specific product, or looking up the nearest store through their map apps. If you don't have a strong online presence, you can get lost amongst all the noise.

But Mid-West Family can help develop personalized digital marketing strategies and content that will hook shoppers' interests and ensure you're ready to be found when prospective customers are looking for you. Through digital marketing, you can focus on brand awareness in a specific niche or target market and generate qualified leads that have interacted with your brand and shown interest. Some of the many marketing strategies we can help you implement are:

  • SEO and SEM so you become more visible in search results
  • Targeted and geofence displays so you can connect with audiences at the best possible moment
  • OTT/CTV ads so you can market to consumers that prefer streaming entertainment, not just traditional broadcasting

We also provide website development services so you can create a strong online presence or sell to your customers online.

Innovative Events and Cause Marketing Campaign

In-person events can generate more engagement and interest in your brand, as well as your individual products or services. For example, through cause marketing campaigns, you can partner with a local or national nonprofit organization and raise money for a specific cause. Companies can do this by donating profits during a specific campaign, encouraging donations, or sponsoring local events like for-cause marathons.

These campaigns broadcast your company's values, which can increase customer loyalty and enhance your brand's reputation. Becoming part of the community through cause marketing events can help you network, reach new audiences, and set the stage for more collaboration in the future.

Expert Crafted Brand Development

As part of your marketing strategies, it's essential to include an ongoing focus on your brand. What do new-to-you consumers think about your brand when they first encounter it? Does it resonate with your target market? The experts at Mid-West Family can help you analyze your current brand, help you develop a new one, or refine your current branding for changing markets. We can also strengthen your brand development efforts by creating a style guide for consistent tone, voice, and branding across all your channels.

Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Successful companies need more than marketing campaigns and a strong brand. You should pull everything together into a full-funnel marketing strategy that presents a cohesive image and keeps every stage of your sales funnel full throughout the year. Our team is here to help you develop annual marketing strategies so you can plan for the holiday sales season, allocate your budget with more precision, and move forward confidently every month with a multi-channel plan.

This does more than make marketing less overwhelming for you and your team. It can give you clear insight into the customer journey—from initial problem to final purpose—and help you methodically create marketing content that aligns with every step of the process. This keeps your messaging relevant and on-target, increasing the probability of a sale (and a loyal customer).

Start Transforming Your Business with Mid-West Family

Prioritizing marketing through a full-funnel, multi-channel marketing strategy is one of the best ways to predictably grow and strengthen your business. At Mid-West Family, we have years of experience doing precisely that for small and local businesses throughout the La Crosse area. Contact us today to learn more about starting your marketing strategy.