A Brief Guide to Holiday Marketing This Season

The peak holiday season is around the corner, and now is the best time for businesses to create their best holiday marketing campaigns. Understanding marketing must-haves will ensure you mint more during this golden holiday season. Our brief guide to holiday marketing articulates simple and effective strategies for your business. 

What Are the Benefits of Holiday Marketing? 

The best time to connect with customers and reap big is during the holiday shopping season. Here are top-tier reasons why creating a marketing campaign will help your business during peak shopping season: 

  • Increased demand – Almost every business can attest to the increased shopping demand witnessed during the holiday season. 
  • Higher urgency – Holidays happen during specific times of the year, and that's why most shoppers are eager to make more consistent purchases. 
  • Holiday spirit – Gifting and positive moods are witnessed during the holiday season, which calls for the need to have creative marketing strategy ideas. 

What Should You Expect During the 2022 Holiday Season?

1. Holiday Purchases Will Come Early

Data from National Retail Federation states that 61% of shoppers had already started shopping for their holiday season by early November 2021. This trend is expected to continue in 2022 due to recent inflation spikes.

2. Mix E-Commerce & Brick and Mortar Shopping

Sometimes two options are better than one, such as radio and digital advertising together. Remember that online platforms have become a favorite option for most shoppers. E-Commerce has also been highly embraced because of the pandemic. Many shoppers still prefer brick-and-mortar locations, but adding online options gives your business an extra boost, especially during the holiday season.

3. Social Media Has a Substantial Impact on Holiday Buying Decisions

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have revolutionized decision-making during holiday shopping. Shoppers love to see what gift options they have, inspiration from others, and the general holiday spirit across social media platforms. 

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What Makes a Good Holiday Marketing Strategy? 

1. Start Early and Have a Plan

To reach and resonate with local customers, get organized and plan earlier. A well-thought-out marketing plan will help you engage potential shoppers.

2. Leverage Radio Advertising

Broadcast radio advertising has proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies during the holiday season. Local radio advertising helps you target a specific audience, making your marketing campaign easier. Moreover, talk radio advertising is a medium that draws attention to your prospects.

3. Use Paid Campaigns to Increase Awareness

Paid advertising on Google and other search engines will increase the chances of people finding you. Using pay-per-click ads (also known as PPC), your ads will be placed where people are searching! 

4. Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Use data collected from previous campaigns to form your email marketing target audience. Make sure your messages are relevant as possible and utilize locations, keywords, and demographic data to make them more actionable.

5. Be Purpose-Driven

Businesses that take a stand on causes and have a purpose are a substantial driving factor when customers choose where they shop. Being purpose-driven can also help differentiate your brand from others. Take Patagonia, for example; while there are many outdoor clothing brands, this company has chosen to give 1% to help save the planet, a cause many consumers want to support.

6. Try Social Media Marketing

Social media has become part and parcel of marketing; using it during the holiday season will spike your sales. You can engage both organic and paid strategies to extend your reach through social media marketing

What Holiday Marketing Pitfalls Should You Avoid? 

1. Using Only One Marketing Channel

Ensure you diversify your marketing channels and explore different tactics to edge out the competition.

2. Sending Too Many Holiday Emails

Although emails are one of the best holiday promotion ideas for small businesses, avoid sending too many emails. This turns out to be nagging and spammy and, in some instances, can scare away potential customers.

3. Planning Holiday Marketing Campaigns Last Minute

A successive holiday marketing campaign requires careful and timely planning. It is because holiday marketing is a diverse scope that requires planning ahead of time and ensuring every marketing tool is fully optimized for better ROI results. 

Holiday Marketing Campaigns with Mid-West Family La Crosse 

Marketing campaigns ensure businesses reap big profits during the holiday season. Many companies compete for this golden shopping season, and following the above tips will ensure you mint more and get an edge over the competition. Mid-West Family La Crosse makes digital marketing more manageable and helps you build a marketing plan that gets measurable results. 

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