6 Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Interior Remodeling Businesses

As an interior remodeling business, you want to ensure you can reach customers who genuinely need and want your services. You have a local customer base and must reach audiences that need your services. In addition, you may face a high degree of competition in your local area. Marketing for interior remodelers is the key to becoming a known business in your area. 

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1. A Website is a Must-Have

Marketing for remodeling companies starts with an appropriately designed and mobile-friendly website so customers can easily find what they're searching for and connect with you. If you don't have a website, you're already at a considerable disadvantage compared to your competitors. Your website is an online "storefront" where customers can learn more about your business and everything you can offer.  

The Importance of SEO 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is critical to your interior remodeling advertising efforts. When you optimize your website for search engine traffic, you ensure that customers in your target market area can find you. Did you know that at least 25% of people will click the first Google search result? As your search ranking drops, so does traffic to your website. Getting traffic to your website can be challenging if you don't appear on that essential first page of search results.  

2. Valuable Premium Content Generates Leads

Content marketing is an essential part of connecting with your customers. As you engage in interior remodeling advertising, prioritize creating a content library. Content marketing provides several critical benefits. 

  • You can raise your search ranking 
  • Your content marketing efforts position you as an expert 
  • Content generates engagement and leads 

Content marketing includes blogs, videos, case studies, testimonials, and more. In addition to your regular, consistent content, add some premium content: for interested customers to share an email address to retrieve it. You can publish eBooks, create interactive quizzes, or design interior remodeling checklists to help interested customers get ready for their next project: things that will offer genuine, high-level value to potential leads and encourage them to share that essential contact information with you. 

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3. A Social Media Presence Creates Engagement

Today, almost everyone is on social media. More than 7 out of 10 Americans use social media regularly to connect with friends and family and follow businesses. Social media is an excellent opportunity to get your content in front of your target audience and provide more opportunities to connect with your brand.  

You can try the following: 

  • Video content to increase engagement 
  • Before and after photos to catch customers' attention  
  • Answering FAQs can help customers make decisions about your services or give them a chance to ask questions of their own 
  • Livestreaming is a great way to form a more personal connection with customers and encourage them to engage with you 

If you don't have a social media account, you're missing out on a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. 

4. Try Event Marketing for Brand Awareness

Live events are a great way to introduce your business to a local audience. You can sponsor local events or get a live mention, increasing brand recognition. Attending in-person events is an excellent opportunity to mingle and connect with locals interested in remodeling services. It's also a great chance to share business cards, connect with local business owners, and more. 

5. Stay Top of Mind with Locals with Radio Ads

Radio ads reach a broad audience in your local area. Radio listeners tune in consistently. They listen in the car, at work, at the gym, home, and more. Often, people form deep connections with local radio personalities and all they have to offer. With radio advertising, you can improve brand awareness, increasing the odds that when potential customers think of remodeling services, they think of your business.  

6. Try Pay-Per-Click Ads

Your interior remodeling business needs an online presence, but that takes time. If you want immediate results, try PPC advertising. PPC advertising can get you on the first page of search engines, in the top results. If someone types in "interior remodeling,” your business will pop up. This simple strategy can go a long way toward improving brand awareness for interior remodeling brands.  

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